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Artwork: By Ilse Daiber (1926-2002). Title: "Rise, shine, For thy light is come" (Isaiah 60:1).Each year Augustine College invites an artist to spend time with the students and the wider community. The artist holds public events - a concert, an exhibition, a reading, or performance. Also, each year the Annual Weston Lecture is given by an invited speaker whose field of endeavour is pertinent to the Augustine College programme and of interest to a public audience. The lecture series is named after the Weston Foundation, whose generous grant makes it possible for Augustine College to sponsor the lecture.

In 2003-2004 we combined our Visiting Artist and Weston Lecture programme. We were pleased that Professor Jeremy S. Begbie presented a four day event (March 19th to March 22nd). 

Professor Begbie is Associate Principal of Ridley Hall, Cambridge, Professor of Theology at St. Andrew’s University, Scotland, and Director of the international research project, Theology through the Arts. Jeremy Begbie is an acclaimed musician, an Anglican minister and a renowned theologian. He is also an inspiring lecturer and brilliant performer and brings a pastor’s heart to his remarkable ministry. Founder and Director of Theology through the Arts, Professor Begbie studied music and philosophy at St. Andrew’s University and theology at the universities of Aberdeen and Cambridge. Jeremy Begbie is a professional musician and has performed extensively as a pianist, oboist and conductor. He has taught and lectured widely in the UK, South Africa and in Canada at Regents College. His research has focused on the interplay of theology and the arts. He is author of many books and papers, including Music in God’s Purposes (Handsel), Voicing Creation’s Praise: Towards a Theology of the Arts (T. & T. Clark), and his latest book, Theology, Music & Time (Cambridge University Press).

From March 19th to 22nd, 2004 Professor Begbie presented colloquia, recital-lectures and a workshop on Music in Church Worship at St. Andrew’s Church, Ottawa and also spent time with the students and faculty at Augustine College. He preached at St. Andrew’s Church and gave a concert at the Museum of Civilization.


Professor Begbie preached and gave a recital-lecture at the historic St. Andrew’s Church, Ottawa. He also gave a concert-lecture at the Museum of Civilization with supporting musicians. 

From the Theology Through the Arts project:

It is likely that the arts are going to play an increasing role in the way people learn the Christian faith… ‘Theology’ is another name for this process of learning.  It is ‘faith seeking wisdom’.  Theology can be done not only by academics, but by anyone who thinks seriously about the Christian faith. The Theology Through the Arts project is about allowing the remarkable power of the arts to help us do theology better.... Unfamiliar themes in Christianity can be opened up, familiar ones known in fresh and intriguing ways, difficult matters clarified.  You begin to hear ‘a music that you never would have known to listen for’ (Heaney).  And in the process, theology is refreshed as well as deeply challenged.


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Jeremy Begbie :: The Sound of Hope