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Preliminary outline of contents:

IPCA V Worldwide Conference held in Ontario, Canada, August 19-24 2005


 The International Prison Chaplains Association, IPCA V Conference on the theme of “No Estamos Solos” (“We are not alone”), was attended by  326 prison chaplains from 70 countries.   (Unfortunately some 100 additional chaplains were unable to obtain Travel visas to attend.)  By subtracting the time log numbers below you can calculate the length of each chapter on the DVD.  You can use the chapters menu on you DVD player to access a specific theme or speaker on the DVD:


OPENING:       0: 00:00

The opening session began with the IPCA international steering committee members giving words of welcome.  Steve Bell, Jan Bentham and Martin Faber sang the conference theme song while Sue Morris played the flute.  A Power Point Presentation by Bill Owen of Eyestir (http://www.eyestir.com) projected on two screens in the auditorium welcomed each individual participant of the conference as maps of all participating countries and the names of the participants from each particular country were projected on the large screens.  


Sr. Helen Prejean:       0: 20:40

Known internationally for her tireless work against the death penalty, Sister Helen Prejean gave the opening address on the theme ‘No Estamos.  Internationally renowned for her book “Dead Man Walking”.   Helen speaks of her experience of working with prisoners on Death Row in the Louisiana .  The evening concludes with five prison chaplains offering a prayer in each of the five official languages of the conference.


The following five days began with a morning devotion of prayers and songs of praise.  Various presentations were given on the conference theme “No Estamos Solos”:


PAIN:     0:54:04

Dr. José Luis Pérez Guadalupe represented the Latin America Region of IPCA on the Worldwide Steering Committee and first proposed the theme for the IPCA V Conference “No Estamos Solos.” José Luis gives a presentation on the theological implications of being with wounded prisoners after a violent prison riot.


PRAYER:     1:04:45

Rev. Dr. Hamilton Mvume Dandala  Bishop Hamilton is General Secretary of the Nairobi based All African Conference of Churches (AACC).  a fellowship of 169 national churches in 39 African countries with a congregational membership of 120 million Christians. He speaks on Mark 5:1-20.


SERVICE:      1:11:04

Professor Christina Landman is Professor in the Research Institute for Theology and Religion at the University of South Africa , and works as an independent Prison Visitor at the Pretoria Female Correctional Centre on behalf of the inspecting Judge of Prisons.  She speaks of the spiritual needs and insights of women in prison.


JOY:     1:20:36

* Dr. Tom O’Connor is the administrator of Religious Services for the Oregon Department of Corrections. He qualified as an attorney in Ireland , and was a Carmelite friar for nine years, serving in Ireland , France , and Washington , DC .   Tom has worked in the United States on religious treatment, and evaluation issues in social services and criminal justice. 


MISSION :      1:28:40

Rev. Dr. Pierre Allard is has led IPCA since 1995.  He speaks about his aspirations for IPCA at the Wednesday Closing Session.  The Conference approved and endorsed the IPCA V Conference Declaration.  The outgoing Committee were thanked, and the new Steering Committee were Commissioned during the Closing Worship Ceremony.   The Conference General Forum elected Birgitta Winberg from Sweden , as President of IPCA for the coming five years 2005-2010.  Birgitta says the closing prayer.



*  Please note: The recording tape jammed while filming Tom O'Connor's No Estamos Solos We Are Not Alone in Joy presentation - so the tape creased when rewound and consequently all footage of him in the DVD is somewhat unstable.  We apologize for this but have included footage of his presentation anyway because what he said was so useful and important.  It was difficult to find specific highlights because everything was so good.  Hopefully the choices made in this DVD will will help the work of IPCA and the Lord.



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